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Junk Drawer

Random Acts of Literary Stupidity

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There are roughly 600,000 words in the English language. Most of the ways in which these words can be arranged make absolutely no sense. Try it. Pick a handful of words out of those 600,000 and see how it goes. Here’s a typical result:

Polyp the translucent aardvark coconut rather bumpy my stump.

See? Nonsense. And yet, within the pages of this book, you’ll find that, on average, about 75% of what you read makes sense! It’s nothing short of a literary miracle, especially considering the amount of beer involved in writing it. Furthermore, you might actually learn a few things, like:

1) How to fail at upgrading computers.

2) How to ride a motorcycle (spoiler: don’t)

3) How to make French toast (even if you’re not French!)

4) How to almost cut your hand off with a meat cleaver (being young and stupid helps)

5) And much, much more!


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About the Author

Clif Haley knew he wanted to be a writer the moment he put on his first cardigan sweater about one year ago. Since that fateful day, he’s been wearing that sweater and writing non-stop, sometimes churning out upwards of 60 pages in a single day, all while fending off hoards of flies attracted to the stench of a cardigan sweater that hasn’t been removed or washed in over a year. Clif plans to further his writing career by getting into pipe smoking and tweed jackets with elbow patches.

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